I have over five years of industry experience working as a film editor. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide range or projects, from music videos to documentaries, TV and a feature film. More information and more of my work is available here.





I am the writer and creator of Nekropolis, a transmedia storyworld.

The story begins with Daniel Thorne, a private detective working with his partner, Alex Barker, in the City of Necropolis, the capital of the Underworld.

After a series of unusual cases, Thorne and Barker begin to realise there is something bigger going on. Something darker, and deeper that’s spread farther than either of them could imagine.

The Case Files of Daniel Thorne is a collection of their cases, retold by Daniel Thorne himself, serving as a message and a warning of sorts, of the troubles that are happening down there… that could soon spill up here, onto the world of the living.

The Case Files of Daniel Thorne, is available now on Amazon! Chapters are only 99c each, and there is a new chapter every full moon!

The Case Files of Daniel Thorne: I. The Pick Up   The Case Files of Daniel Thorne: II. The Artist   The Case Files of Daniel Thorne: III. The Fallen Crone   The Case Files of Daniel Thorne: IV. Bones from a Graveyard   1939900_629246843789348_844647412_n   necropolis_chapter_5_pt2_colour   necropolis_chapter_6_colour_v2necropolis_chapter_7_v1